Custom Development

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Sometimes you do have to reinvent the wheel...

Most technological needs can be satisfied by existing hardware and software.  The wealth of open-source software available means that with a few tweaks, you can satisfy those needs for free.  In some cases, commercial software is well worth the expense.  Sometimes, a "plug and play" solution just isn't available, and you need a software developer.  

Sometimes you don't...

If you use a program that doesn't *quite* do what you need, how you need it; a software developer can often save the day.  Many commercial programs have the ability to be "extended" by adding scripts, or small pieces of code, to them.  All open source programs have the ability to completely modify any aspect of the program.  Sometimes just a little tweak is all you need.

Either way, Bytes has you covered.

With knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks, Bytes Technical Solutions can assess your development needs and help design a low-cost development solution to achieve your goals.  If that means changing a couple 1s and 0s, that's great.  If it means starting from scratch to get you a fully functional platform integrating your business logic with your data, even better.  Projects we have handled in the past include:

  • Invoicing Systems
  • Database Interfaces
  • Ladder Logic / PLC Programming
  • Visual Basic Scripts for Microsoft Office
  • Direct CPU / GPU / Semiconductor Programming
  • Servo Controls
  • Hard-Wired Relay Logic Modifications
  • Shell Programming (Server / Desktop)

If you don't see your project listed, don't worry: We're always excited to take on new and interesting programming projects.