Teach a man to fish...

Bytes Technical Services provides training both at your home/facility or right here in Canton.


Nothing beats the old military training style of "Watch it, Do it, Teach it" and one-on-one training affords you the opportunity to do so at your own pace. 

Are you unsure what topics you need covered?

Do you learn better in a conversational style, as opposed to having a fixed list of items to cover?

One-on-one training affords you the flexibility to do a deep dive into a topic when necessary.  This flexibility also gives you the opportunity to adjust the curriculum on the fly.  If something loses relevance, or you become aware of different options, no problem.  We can cover what you want, it's your time!


Classroom Training

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We have several pre-packaged training programs focused on common user-level computing topics.  If you need everyone trained on a common software package, or just general computer literacy, a classroom environment can be a cost effective way to get the job done.

We can also develop a curriculum specific to the needs of your team or students.  From mining institutional knowledge, to collaborating with vendors and clients, we can pull out all the stops to ensure your educational goals are met.

Training may be conducted at your location, or at our facilities in Canton.  While we can accommodate up to 140 learners per session, the optimum session size will depend on both the topics covered and the learner's experience with those topics.