IT for Business

Information Technology has become a major part of every business, if not directly, then tangentially through vendors, customers, and regulators.  It's just unavoidable, so you might as well lean into it.  That doesn't have to mean dedicating a bunch of manpower and money to technology though.  While every business has unique requirements, it is our goal to help your organization find the ideal service level for it's needs.  

Time for the office manager to get back to managing the office?

Smaller organizations don't have the resources needed for dedicated IT staff.  Often times those tasks get delegated to the most capable person in the office.  As the IT workload grows, their primary duties suffer.  Outsourcing or flat-out eliminating that workload through automation can get them back on their job.  Bytes Technical Services can take over that workload, dedicate resources towards eliminating the workload, or both.  

Want to deal with a technician less?

Has IT become intrusive to your business processes?  Things keep breaking, employees or offices are periodically idled or interrupted?  You tend to make more money when working, so many IT companies take a heavy handed approach to their clients.  We believe, especially with smaller organizations, there is no need for frequent interaction with IT contractors.  When we've done our job correctly, you don't need us until you want us.

Want to deal with less technicians?

Maybe you have the opposite problem.  Your current provider is nowhere to be found if a problem involves another party.  Tired of dealing with multiple software vendors, service providers, and compliance regulators?  Everybody passing the buck when there's an issue?  Does it seem like tech support is running you in circles.  Not even sure you're calling the correct 800 number anymore?  Sometimes, you need someone who speaks the jargon, understands the culture, and can collaborate with everyone to achieve your goals.  Having Bytes Technical Services in your corner can kind of feel like having a magic wand.

Accountant getting nervous?

When it's all about the bottom line, technology can be a resource that saves you money.  All too often, we lose sight of that, and it simply becomes a line item chosen by our vendors recommendations.  Having a third-party technology expert can help you wade through the sales jargon and the system requirements to get the job done at the lowest possible cost.