Surprise free, up-front pricing.

Everything sounds great!  What's the catch?  The catch is, unfortunately, we charge money.  You might find a coupon floating around, or a gift certificate at a raffle, but normally you have to pay.  Fortunately there's no mystery or suspense, everything concerning the money part of things is listed right here:

Standard Labor Rate

Our standard labor rate is $2.50 per minute, however you probably qualify for a lower rate.  All of the discounts are both stackable and automatically applied to any qualifying labor.  This means you don't have to ask for them, and you don't have to pick just one.  Stack them all for more than half off!

Remote Service Discount

If we're able to complete the service remotely, you qualify for a 25% discount.  If you've got high(ish) speed Internet, and the job doesn't require a screwdriver, congratulations! Not only you can cash in on the discount, but you don't have to unhook anything, and you don't have to bring anything in.

Triage Service Discount

When service isn't required to be completed during scheduled blocks of time, you qualify for a 25% discount.  If you don't need somebody in person, or on the phone while we work, we automatically apply this discount.  Triage service also ensures the service is completed in the minimum number of minutes.  This can be especially important with jobs like virus removals and computer cleanups where the computer does most of the work itself.  In this case, triage service allows us to complete several hours worth of scans, while only requiring a few minutes of labor.  

Bulk Service Discount

Service scheduled, purchased and used in contiguous blocks greater than 8 hours are subject to a scaling volume discount.  

  • 8 Hour Day Rate - 5% Discount
  • 40 Hours Over 7 Days - 10% Discount

Emergency Service Non-Discount

Service rate will be doubled if service is required by the client outside of US business hours (Monday - Friday, 8AM - 7PM Central Time) or on most Federal Holidays.  Non-emergency, after hours service involving scheduled downtime is exempt from this rate.  Triage service is not subject to this rate, as specific timing is not required by the client.

Travel Charge

For on-site services, standard labor rate is paid door to door from our location, except when scheduled at least 30 days in advance.  Service calls greater than 3 hours of one-way travel time are subject to discounted Time & Expense terms at our discretion.