Office Services

Ahh, the beauty of rural life...

Fresh air, clean water, good neighbors.  Fillmore county has a lot to offer.  No Kinko's though.  That's why we offer several office services right here in Canton.


Monochrome and Color Laser printing.  On-site printing of small/medium jobs with standard materials.  Off site printing available for specialized materials, coatings, and sizes.

High Speed Scanning

Digitization of large quantities of printed material into various formats.  Optical character recognition and finite object storage available.


Getting your materials to your customers couldn't be easier.  Let us print and mail your local distributions.  For periodic mailings, we can interface directly with your internal systems to gather the required data and generate invoices, advertisements, and even checks for mailing without your staff lifting a finger.

Office Automation

Hey- about that whole "without your staff lifting a finger" thing- what's up with that?  

Many repetitive or tedious tasks involving a computer can be automated using software.  Most small business clients have several avenues for automating office tasks.  Processes developed in the past may not take advantage of newer, more elegant technological options.  Processes developed over the life of the business, or by multiple parties, often have unintentional inefficiencies introduced.  A fresh set of eyes, especially one well versed in the current technological landscape, can be all it takes to free up an employee for more important duties, increase revenue, or cut costs in the office.